Movies Running in Vellore

Movie Name Theater Name Language
LingaaBig Cinemas AlankarTamil
LingaaBig Cinemas LakshmiTamil
LingaaSri Vishnu (6.30pm, 10pm)Tamil
Pisasu ApsaraTamil
Naaigal JaakirathaiRajaTamil
Suttrulla SilambuTamil
The Hobbit 3 (3D)ThirumalaiEnglish
LingaaSri Vishnu (11.30 am, 3pm)Tamil
Natpin Nooram NaalVenusTamil
LingaaAascars (11.30 am, 3pm, 6.30, 10pm)Tamil
LingaaGalaxy (11.30am, 3.00pm)Tamil
LingaaGalaxy (6.30pm, 10.00pm)Tamil
PKRagavendra (11.30am, 6.30 pm)Hindi

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